Sasja is an exceptional mare who has led an exceptional life. Vikki has had her since she was 13, Sasja had obviously suffered some form of bad handling and abuse at some point in her life as she was very difficult to handle and head shy.  Months of care and good handling finally won Vikki Sasjas trust, although she is still wary of people she doesn't know.

Sasja is 16hh, chestnut Danish Warm blood carrying predominantly Hanoverian blood. She has exceptional paces and agility. Sasja had enjoyed a successful Dressage career, which was ended prematurely through an injury, we can only assume that's when she fell into bad hands.

Sasja is interestingly bred, her sire Splitau represented Denmark in the sport of dressage and he has sired some very nice horses who have gone onto have successful careers themselves, most notably of which, Sasha, a chestnut mare who resides in the USA and enjoyed a tremendous career up to PSG with her rider Susan Todd.

Adrian and Vikki are very strict about the mares introduced to their breeding programme, insisting that they must either have exceptional/proven lines and/or have had a successful jumping career themselves. There is always an exception to the rules and Sasja is the exception in this case.

Although never given the opportunity to have a showjumping career herself, Sasja is extraordinarily talented over fences. Most of the jumping done with her has been loose as her injury prevents any serious riding. It would be fair to say neither Adrian or Vikki have ever seen a horse with such exceptional jumping ability as Sasja. Every jump she throws up to 1.55m is outstanding. She has scope to burn, her technique is faultless, she is super careful but also brave. Every fence she jumps she will give no less than a foot of clearance. She's a phenomenon!

Handels Classic was Sasja 2nd foal. While in foal the following year with a Cassio II ( Calvados x Quidam de Revel) Sasja suffered a terrible injury while turned out in somebody elses field. Her hind leg had sustained a very serious spiral fracture. If this type of fracture displaces there is nothing that can be done. The only option was to try to immobilise Sasja for 3 months. She had to be cross tied so she could not lay down as this was the most likely way the fracture would displace. In situations like this the broken leg is usually not the biggest threat to the horse in question, other complications such as pneumonia can become an issue as where you have to have the horses cross tied they are unable to eat with their head down in its natural and correct position and so they can " fill up" with fluid on the lungs.

The vets prepared Adrian and Vikki for the worst and said Sasjas chances were extremely guarded. Sasja was tended hourly day and night, and did all she could to cooperate and help herself. She made a full recovery and went on to deliver a cracking colt 6 months later. A miracle.

This colt, Cash CS, now a two year old, is looking every bit as special as his brother, Handels Classic. Sasja is in foal again to Cassio II for 2010. The Evans very much hope Sasja will carry one more foal for them next year, before retiring to the field at 20. Shes a true legend and adored by all who meet her.

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